The potential for renewable energy is experiencing increased attention in the continent. Africa is blessed with vast sources of renewable energy from solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydrological.  Demand for power is high as many of the developing countries are undergoing industrial transformation which makes energy a key factor.

Kenya’s electricity capacity is about 1,429MW and the predominant source of it being hydro and fossil fuel based. The energy mix can be traced from various generations which comprise 52.1% from hydro, 32.5% from fossil fuels, 13.2% from geothermal, 1.8% from biogas cogeneration and 0.4% from wind, respectively. This indicates that apart from hydrological sources, the uptake of renewable energy has been slow. The electricity demand is increasing at a rapid rate and Kenya is expected to have an electricity capacity of 15000MW by 2030. To achieve this objective, ARC Limited functions to support the development of renewable energy in Kenya. This it will achieve through provision of consultancy services in the renewable energy sector. It also acts as an investment medium in the same sector by sourcing equipment and other accessories associated with renewable energy developments.

The primary focus of ARC Limited in renewable energy is on solar power.

Consultancy Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessments & Social Impact Assessments
  • Research on renewable energy in the energy industry
  • Project planning and management services
  • Policy development and governance
  • Business modeling and commercial feasibility

Other Services

  • Installation and product maintenance services