Discoveries of oil and gas in eastern Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Mozambique) have elicited a lot of excitement about the region becoming an oil and gas hub. This will have world-changing impacts. However after, the exuberance phase, reality has now dawned and the challenge exists in getting the resource out of the ground to the market in a way that will have positive economic impacts. ARC Limited is therefore strategically positioned to offer the following services to the oil and gas industry in Eastern Africa:

1. Consultancy Services

Our pool of consultants is highly qualified in oil and gas development projects guaranteeing our clients value for their money. Our consultancy services covers upstream, midstream and downstream phases of the oil and gas industry. The services that we offer are both technical and non-technical in nature.

Technical Services

  • Geological assessment of the regional geology, hydrocarbon plays, reservoirs, fluids and fluid contacts.
  • Assessment of recoverable reserves and resources based on seller interpretation and review of seller’s proposed work programme and budget.
  • Interpretation of seismic data after acquisition and processing – 2D and 3D.
  • Equipment selection and sourcing for the oil and gas industry
  • Infrastructure engineering – pipeline and facilities
  • Mechanical Integrity and Testing
  • Environmental Engineering – Conducting Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs), Social Impact Assessment(SIA) and Strategic Environmental and Social Assessment (SESA) for oil and gas firms and governments respectively. It also includes provision of environmental management systems.
  • Introductory training to oil and gas
  • GIS technology for spatial planning and spatial information system for oil and gas developments.

Non-Technical Services

  • Research and Marketing Analysis of the oil and gas industry
  • Consultancy for Oil and Gas Blocks – Evaluation and Bidding
  • Consultancy on joint ventures in the hydrocarbon business
  • Management of community and stakeholder engagements
  • Policy development and governance

2. Support Services

We provide support services to oil and gas companies. The success of our clients translates to our success. Our support services include:

  • Transportation services
  • Supply of equipment and chemicals
  • Equipment maintenance services