Coal is a unique hydrocarbon resource and therefore associated with minerals due to the similar nature of exploitation. Coal in Kenya was discovered in the Mui basin and estimated reserves in-ground value is in the tune of billions of dollars. Kenya has not had any other coal project in the past and it is still at the early stages of exploration while development and later production activities would mostly likely be experienced in block C & D. ARC Limited can provide consultancy services for coal projects and other minerals from consultants who are sourced locally as well as internationally.

East African mining companies still experience challenges in most of their operations. This adversely impacts the profit margins. At ARC Limited, investing in our services means a step towards efficient and effective systems. Some of the services that we avail to the mining industry are as below:

Technical Services

  • Analysis of mineral samples for different clients
  • Explosives and blasting services for quarries and mines
  • Ventilation surveys for underground mining operations
  • Mining survey services
  • Mine planning and design
  • Independent technical reviews on mining projects
  • Technological – software applications for mining processes
  • Mineral processing services
  • Equipment selection
  • Waste management for mines
  • Market access services

Non-Technical Services

  • Research and analysis of the mining industry
  • Compliance services for mining firms
  • Consultancy for mining concessions – Evaluation and Bidding
  • Community Management and stakeholder engagements
  • Policy development and governance

Support Services in mining

  • Transportation services
  • Supply of equipment and chemicals
  • Equipment maintenance services