Agano Resources LLC is an independent mining and natural resources management and investment company with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

ARC limited is focused on ensuring that natural resources world over are exploited or utilized in a sustainable manner. We believe that natural resources especially in the extractives industry are non-renewable and therefore exploitation of such resources should be in a strategic manner, in a way that will result into meaningful developments cutting across the sectors of the economy. .

Africa has had its share of suffering evidenced by the many conflicts which have taken place on the continent over strategic resources. Despite the oil providing hundreds of billions of pounds to the government, Nigeria which is Africa’s leading oil producer has some of the poorest communities in West Africa. The population in the Niger Delta has little to boast about the oil and gas projects for they are being perceived negatively as no substantial benefits have accrued from the exploitation of the country’s oil reserves. Agano Resources Company (ARC) Limited endeavors to primarily offer consulting services in natural resource development aspects for its clientele which include governments, non governmental organizations, private companies and others.

. Kenya and many other African countries are blessed with a variety of minerals. Agano Resources Company (ARC) Limited has a team of experts who can provide quality solutions to an array of mining projects. Our expertise runs through all the phases of the mining life cycle i.e. from exploration, development, production, closure and reclamation. Our professionals and associates have been involved in both underground and surface mining operations. Areas of focus include mine planning and design, production scheduling, equipment selection, mineral processing, ventilation, tailings management and disposal, health and safety, reclamation and mineral economics.

ARC limited is also an investment firm associated with mineral development. We owe it to our shareholders that they should get a return on their investment. ARC Limited therefore scouts for investment opportunities with suitable margins which it can invest in. Our priority areas of investment interest are in Africa for we are confident about Africa’s untapped potential. We are all about creating the “African Success Story – in Africa by Africans”.

ARC Limited understands that business success can only be attained if the processes are leveraging on technology. The power of technology can’t be ignored. ARC Limited offers technological solutions in the mining and natural resources sphere. It aims to provide the best technology which works to advance the living standards for those affected by the specific tech solutions.

At ARC Limited, we say that “our passion is green” for we are all about protecting and maintaining ecosystem services for future generations. We strive to maintain ecosystem integrity through ethical, economical, and scientific variables considerations. Our services in environmental management are for stakeholders in the public sector, private sector and the civil society.


We respect without discrimination  and believe that everyone has a role to play.

We have moral obligations and thus opine that integrity should start from the junior most employees to the senior most employees.

At ARC Limited, we say that responsible employees are our first stakeholders as they are better placed to take care of the firm’s interests

We know nothing else but hard work in all our business endeavors.

We will always strive to create value for our customers by providing quality services

With passion it ceases to be just work but an enjoyable and fulfilling activity.

We stand by this core value for no business can be conducted without trust.

It creates synergy and hence the secret to productive outcomes.


To become the leading mining and natural resources consultancy provider and investment firm in Africa.


To offer quality sustainable solutions for mining and natural resource sector challenges by embracing a culture of teamwork, professionalism, partnerships, hard-work and by ensuring effective implementation of our solutions


IanKropJackson Mwangangi

Technical Director

Jackson Mwangangi Mwendwa holds a BSC in Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Mwangangi has worked on a range of mining projects and is well versed with industrial minerals and their applications. He has served as an assistant mines manager at Athi River Mining now known as Rhino Cement, thereafter he worked as a technical director for Pozzolime Quarries Ltd. He also served as a mines manager for Kaizen Industries Ltd and later on worked for Kipya Africa Drilling Solutions as a training service engineer. Jackson values innovation and technological advancement in the energy and mining sector, he has done undergraduate research work on anthracite coal at Mwingi Mui basin (Eastern Kenya) and was among the key innovators of the inaugural mining 4 I initiative (By Strathmore University Extractives Center in conjunction with Kipya Africa drilling solutions) that seeks to bring together key stake holders in the industry including policy makers, investors, academics and the public. Further to that he has worked on a gold exploration project at Kehancha in Migori district representing Liviza Development Germany ltd as a consultant. In later years he has been a key representative of Chinas mineral processing equipment manufacturer Shanghai Shibang Machinery Co.ltd (SBM) and has assisted in the supply of mining equipments in east Africa particularly Kenya. He is passionate about mining and believes in equitable and economical exploitation of natural resources. His Mantra is “Anything is achievable. If you are determined to work hard and smart, then your ultimate success is inevitable.”


Simon Mghanga

Finance Director

Simon Mghanga holds a degree in Mining and Mineral Processing engineering from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. Simon has a keen interest in gemstone prospecting, mining and marketing and also research and consultancy based around the same. Immediately after graduating from JKUAT Taita-Taveta University in 2014, he got involved in a private gemstone prospecting/mining venture in the gemstone mining belt in Taita. From his time at the University, he developed a passion for gemstones and his background in mining engineering appropriately compliments his desire to help create a vibrant mining sector in his home area, this with the application of industry best practice standards.

            Simon has been part of a consultancy for UNDP’s inclusive economic growth unit which was carried out in 2014/2015 to establish the economic and job creation potential of the artisanal and small-scale mining sector in Taita-Taveta County. He was involved in the successful compilation and completion of the study report document for this research and also took part in the successful planning, organization and facilitation of a one week stakeholder workshop which was a validation and culmination of the research. Simon has also facilitated as part of the technical team and also participated in a business development and marketing training workshop for the gemstone and jewelry industry held in Voi and also organized by UNDP.

He is currently working on a private gemstone prospecting/mining venture as a supervisor in Taita. He lives in Voi, Taita-Taveta County.


rwenjiMwangi Rwenji

Marketing Director

Mwangi Rwenji Mwangi holds a BSc Degree in Mining and Mineral Processing engineering & an MSc Degree in Project Management from the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). Having served with Amolak Singh as an assistant plant supervisor; at JapakGIS as a trainer & sales engineer and as a mining engineer with the Ministry of Mining, he gained skills and experience in the areas of marketing, planning, cadastral & web mapping. Rwenji has keen interest in planning, mineral processing and community engagement and believes that Kenya and Africa as a whole stands to benefit and uplift the livelihoods of its people through proper planning and utilization of its resources.
In the area of extractives, he has participated and contributed to consultancy services offered to UNDP through an independent team of consultants in a study report titled “Economic & Job Creation Potential for Artisanal & Small Scale Mining in Taita Taveta County, Kenya” and to the Ministry of Mining (Kenya) with McKinsey in the development of the “20-Year Kenya Mining Strategy” through the mining sector evaluation where he was the fulltime Government link to the firm. He has variously participated in consultancies for establishment of quarries, precious metals & minerals marketing, resource mapping, conflict resolution and is a specialist in Government processes and procedures as regards mining and natural resources.

Besides the extractives, he is and has been involved in training and capacity building for youth in Kenya and is passionate about education and charity.

IanKropIan Krop

Operational Manager

Ian Krop holds a BSc. (Eng) Mining from Jomo Kenyatta University of Technology (JKUAT). He is passionate about drilling and blasting, having trained and worked as an engineer with Vastu drilling and Blasting Company. At Vastu, Krop was responsible for coordination and supervision of the drilling program and was instrumental in conducting blasting set-ups; including report writing for drilling and blasting projects.

His love and interest in explosives has seen him conduct training on UNDP sponsored events and in other events e.g. County seminar supported by Ministry of Mining.

As a consultant, Krop has worked on United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Projects through the Inclusive Economic Growth (IEG) Unit. His contribution was imperative in the generation of a 2014 research study report “Economic & Job Creation Potential for Artisanal & Small Scale Mining in Taita Taveta County, Kenya”.   The objective of the study was to assess and identify the risks, challenges and opportunities of men, women and youth of in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining, particularly for youth and women in Taita Taveta County”. He was part of the research team that successfully conducted the VOIRICA Project (Technische Universitat Kaiserslautern, Taita Taveta University, Pwani University College and Freie University of Berlin) which looked into flood risks mitigation in Voi. He has also worked for Bayesian Consulting Group, a research firm, in various capacities to implement field research assignments.

During his time at the university, Krop was a pioneer and the first Director of Association of Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Students (AMMPES), an instrument established to spearhead the mining agenda at the university.

Ian Krop is also an article writer for the extractives sector and believes that information and knowledge-sharing is the most effective way to combat the ‘Resource Curse’ phenomenon.

He notes hard work, integrity and respect as some of the most important virtues. His mantra is “You Only Live Once (YOLO) – make the best of it and don’t forget to Smile in the process.”